Organic Ceylon<br/>True Cinnamon Sticks
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Organic Ceylon
True Cinnamon Sticks

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Botanical Source & Cultivation
Cinnamomum verum. Ceylon Cinnamon trees require 3 to 5 years from their initial planting to be able to produce a high enough quality bark to be harvested for consumption. After they have reached the desired maturity, the trees can be harvested from twice a year by careful hands during the rainy season.
Appearance, Aroma & Flavour
"True" Ceylon cinnamon has several thin layers shaved from the inner bark of the tree, unlike the more common cassia cinnamon, which is thicker and curls from both sides inward. It has a soft but pungent aroma. Ceylon "True" cinnamon has a more subtle, delicate, and sweet flavor than the closely related cassia cinnamon.
Common Uses
Ceylon cinnamon is full of warm aroma and flavor and is perfect for adding to ciders, cocoa, coffee or as a decorative element in your kitchen. Grind ceylon cinnamon sticks to use as ground cinnamon for baking or cooking purposes.
Storage & Shelf Life
Store in a cool, dark pantry and these cinnamon sticks will stay good for up to 1 year.
Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

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